Mayor Rory E. Hoskins

The Mayor of Forest Park is also the Commissioner of Public Affairs and is responsible for presiding at all meetings of the Village Council, has jurisdiction and supervision of the Police Department, executes all agreements /contracts on behalf of the Village, and has general supervision over all Departments, officers, and employees of the Village.

In addition, the Mayor also acts in the capacity of Local Liquor Commissioner. For inquiries on the application process for a local liquor license, please contact the Mayor's Office.

Mayor's assistant- Tanzla Davis-Rodriguez, 708-615-6203,



About Mayor Rory E. Hoskins

Rory Hoskins has lived in Forest Park with his wife and children since 1999.   Prior to being elected mayor, he served two terms as a village commissioner (2007-2015).  A believer in term limits, he declined the opportunity to run for a third term in 2015. While serving as a commissioner, he was active in the West Central Municipal Conference and was a member of the organization’s Legislative Committee.  Hoskins background includes working in economic development and in the field of social work.

An avid soccer fan, Rory currently coaches youth soccer in Forest Park and has done so for all but a few seasons since 2005.  Monique Hoskins teaches Spanish in an area middle school.  They have four kids (21, 20, 16, & 8) and have been active as volunteers in District 91.  Rory started the annual Juneteenth Family Pool Party that has been held at the Park District every summer since 2009.

Rory completed ungraduated studies at The University of Texas at Austin (1992).  Rory attended Loyola University of Chicago receiving his Master of Social Work degree in 1999, and also for his law degree (2012). He works in Chicago as an insurance insolvency/regulatory attorney.